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Philadelphia Flyers 2017–2018

Viestiketju osiossa 'NHL' , aloittajana Eager, 28.04.2017 klo 00.10.

  1. Gemondo Jäsen

    Flyers on tehnyt viime aikojen muutosten ansiosta itsestään ehkä mielenkiintoimman seurattavan ensi kaudeksi näin sivusta seuraajan näkökulmasta. Patrickin, Konecknyn, Provorovin ja nyt Lehterän edesottamuksia tulee olemaan äärimmäisen mielenkiintoista seurata. Toivottavasti Philadelphian nousu alkaa nyt.
  2. RecordBreaker25 Jäsen

    Saimaan Pallo & Los Angeles Kings
    Teillä tulee ensikaudella ainakin keskikaista olemaan enemmän kun kunnossa. Giroux - Filppula - Couturier - Lehterä. Tuohon vielä mahdollisesti Patrick niin a'vot. Flyers tulee ensikaudella olemaan myös tällä suunnalla varsin mielenkiintoinen seurattava.
  3. ~KarKaus~ Jäsen

    Philadelphia Flyers
    Draft-viikonlopusta hattu päästä Flyers porukalle. Mahtavaa duunia. Patrickista olen enemmän kuin innoissaan. Loukkaantumisista on turha jossitella enää. Mielestäni parempi pelaaja kuin Nico.
    Täytyy sanoa että olipas loistava liike Hexylta jolla saatiin Isaac Ratcliffe. Iso 196cm peluri joka osaa heiluttaa verkkoa. Eihän tuommoselta karpaasiilta saa millään kiekkoa pois :). Stromen varaamisesta lämpenen myös aika isosti. Stromen veljeksistä nuorin joten eiköhän poika ole tottunut taistelemaan tilastaan. Mitä nyt lueskelin niin luistelussa pientä viilaamista, jonka takia siis tippui sadan huonommalle puolelle.
    Lehterä Phillyyn..... hmm enpä juurikaan innostu. Saa muuten kovasti tehdä töitä kesällä jos meinaa päästä pelaamaan. Nelosen paikasta taistelee myös paremmin liikkuva Laughton. Frost + mahdollinen bluesin ensi kesän 1kiekka tietty hyviä juttuja.
    Nyt vielä se mokke jengiin.
  4. Eager Jäsen

    Flyers, Eagles, HPK ja Barça
    Toinen kierros tosiaan starttasi Flyersin osalta vauhdikkaasti kun tekivät heti kättelyssä treidin Arizonan kanssa.

    35th <-> 44th, 75th & 108th

    Pick-romantikot näkevät tuossa varmasti pienoisen ylimaksun ainoastaan 9 vuoron noususta, enkä sitä kiellä, mutta Flyersilla oli Schenn kaupan myötä 12 vuoroa tähän draftiin, joten pari voitiin aivan hyvin uhrata. Aivan oikein keskittyä liiallisen määrän tavoittelun sijaan laatuun.


    Tuolla vuorolla tarttui todella kiinnostava Isaac Ratcliffe (LW, 6’5’’, 203 lbs, L), jolla on koukuttava paletti kokoa, liikettä, taitoa ja pelikäsitystä. Itselleni ja monelle muulle Ratcliffe oli ensimmäisen kierroksen talentti, jonka saaminen toisella maistuu todella hyvältä.

    McKeen’s Hockey (18th overall):

    ”Ten years ago, scouts would have watched Ratcliffe for one shift and proclaimed him a top ten talent. He is huge, he can skate, and he can shoot the puck. He has high-end power forward written on the back of his jersey. Nowadays, they will take more time to observe him in action. The end result is, while not top ten, not too far from those lofty heights.

    A player with offensive skills at 6-5”, 200 and with room to grow both into his frame and into his game is still a rare and valuable asset. This draft has of few of that type and Ratcliffe has a good chance to be the best of the bunch when all is said and done.

    His point totals do not jump out, but you must bear in mind that he has been playing with a pretty poor Guelph squad, which scored the least of any team in the OHL’s Western Conference. His 28 goals led his team, while his 54 points were one off the team lead. Considering that his production was weighted towards even strength accomplishments also speaks to his underlying ability. Ratcliffe’s skating is solid, but more impressive after factoring in his size and the additional time needed to move his long levers. When he carries the puck up the wing, he can be deadly.

    The most impressive facet of his game is somewhat surprisingly his puck skills. He is often relied upon to carry the puck into the offensive zone with the Storm, skates very well with the puck and displays very soft hands, making him adept at gathering and controlling tough passes. Although he does not play a naturally imposing game, he is tough enough, and of course big enough to force opponents to handle him with kid gloves.

    Ratcliffe is a highly competitive player who has had great growth in his overall game this year, showing greater hockey understanding and a capacity to learn, in addition to dealing with the frustrations that come from being one of the best players on an often overmatched team. He profiles as a productive middle six winger who should provide good value to any team selecting him in the 17-24 range of the draft.”

    Future Considerations (23rd overall):

    ”Ratcliffe is massive winger whose game is developing at a very impressive rate. He is offensiveminded and likes to have the puck on his stick. The first thing you notice about Ratcliffe is his massive stature - he’s a giant on the ice and he definitely uses his size to set a physical tone. He has a mean streak, and loves to throw his weight around.

    He will lower the boom on anyone in his way, flattening his opponents along the boards in hopes of causing a turnover. That being said, he isn’t a goon constantly looking to drop the gloves; although when he does he handles himself really well. For a big guy Ratcliffe is quite an impressive skater, and his ability to move the puck really stands out. He can pick them up and put them down generating impressive speed as he blasts down the wing.

    He is more the finisher than playmaker, although he does possess solid vision and hands. He has a surprisingly quick release on his shot and gets lots of power behind it as he leverages his height, and can get off a strong shot without setting his feet first. His shot accuracy is impressive and many of his tallies this season were of the skilled variety. Ratcliffe has the makeup of an NHL player, his big body, impressive strength and skill combo are unmatched by any OHL forward. He is a tower of a human being, and uses his body size to set screens on the power play; he is extremely effective at this because his size makes him very difficult to move for any player on the ice. He definitely isn’t afraid of the rough areas of the ice and spends most of his time playing there. He puts in a good effort on the defensive end as well, backchecking with purpose and doing a good job angling his opponents towards the boards

    Ratcliffe is a tall and gangly, powerful winger for the OHL level. He will need to add a good twenty-five pounds to his frame to get the most out of it. His mobility and balance will need to improve with added leg strength. He gets knocked over too easily for a guy his size, mostly due to the fact that he is still learning to manage his height and growing into his frame.

    He also has some trouble cornering and turning with smaller forwards as it takes a bit of time to turn this big battleship. Defensively, his game is simple as he has plenty of development in that regard. Ratcliffe’s inconsistency continues to be his biggest knock however. About a third of his shifts throughout the season he completely disappeared or became a completely different player. On these shifts he avoided contact, displayed poor positioning and puck watches. We feel a little maturity is needed but believe it will come in time.

    SCOUT’S QUOTE: “A blossoming power-forward in the making who has game breaking ability. His body size alone makes him an impressive prospect but when you couple that with his work ethic and his skillset he is a prospect that has everyone drooling over him; as long as he lives up to his potential and continues to work at improving.”

    NHL POTENTIAL: Top-6 Goal-scoring Power-winger”

    ISS Hockey (22nd overall):

    ”Scouting Report | Ratcliffe played on the U18 World Championship team for Canada and played in the CHL Top Prospect Game. Gifted with dimensional size, he is a tall, rangy and skilled forward. He has very good offensive instincts and skills and a good, accurate shot He generates acceptable speed for a player his size but his quickness and acceleration need to improve. He engages physically, has a physical presence at the net and will finish checks. He knows his defensive responsibilities and competes without the puck. He can play in all situations, both special teams and the top two lines. Once he fills out will be hard to handle. His combination of size and skills should translate to the pro level. Has potential to become a power forward at the NHL level

    Dir. Of Scouting, Dennis MacInnis

    “Lots to like about his game, good size, speed, solid work ethic. Skating has improved slightly still needs to improve speed. Played on top line, PP and some PK time. Good net front presence”.

    ISS Scout Phil Myre

    “Very tall and rangy winger with some offensive assets. He can handle the puck and has a good shot. Tends to roam in the DZ but competes and often ends up with the puck”.

    ISS Scout Matt Manners

    “Intriguing package of size and skill. Quick release on his shot. Good defensive posture. Not overly physical for a big body”.
  5. Eager Jäsen

    Flyers, Eagles, HPK ja Barça
    Hockey Prospects (13rd overall):

    ”Isaac was selected 15th overall by the Guelph Storm at the 2015 OHL Draft. Ratcliffe had a respectable rookie season after missing some time with injury. He played a reduced role for a large part of the season before being given second line ice late in the year. He progressed nicely this season more than quadrupling his point production.

    Ratcliffe has a nice combination of excellent size and good skating ability. He moves surprisingly well for his size and has very good hands for a big forward at his age. It's the size/skill combination that makes him a very interesting prospect for the next level. He has impressive moves one on one and can beat defenders both with protection ability and with his hands. He can take the puck to the net and has a very accurate shot. He has good vision and can create scoring chances for his linemates with good passing ability. He used his size and reach to win puck races and is willing to finish his checks, although he doesn't do it quite as often as we’d like. On the power play he is very valuable because he can go to the front of the net, screen the goaltender and jump on rebounds. When he moves away from the slot he is still able to have an impact with puck protection, his shot and playmaking ability. He has a decent defensive game and shows a willingness to backcheck and battle in his own zone.”

    Isaac is a lock to be drafted, the only question is how high. Ratcliffe has top six potential in the NHL and would be one of the biggest players to play in that role. He has creativity and can set up chances, but also has the skill to finish. He still has a lot of room to add muscle to his frame and will be a force when he fills out with his level of talent. Quotable: "It's hard to find a 6'06"+ forward with puck skills who skates as well as he does. He's a rarity and I think he'll become a top six forward at the NHL level one day." - Ryan Yessie

    Quotable: “Ratcliffe is a player I’ve liked a lot going back to his OHL Draft season. He was one of my top ranked players 2 years ago and after a slow start to his OHL careerI really liked what I saw this season as well. When I project him 4 years from now I envision a potentially dominant forward. When he’s on his game he hits, he shoots accurately, shows vision and playmaking ability and he even played with some nastiness in one of my viewings this year. He played on an awful team and spent a ton of time in his own end. He didn’t have much help at times. I would’ve liked to have seen a better showing at the U18. He looked tired and didn’t play anything like my best viewings of him. The good is closer to what he showed in the first period at the Top Prospects game. The bad is that he needs to do it consistently. He’s one of several top players in this draft with warts. I just like his good stuff and potential more than some other players. - HP Scout, Mark Edwards

    Quotable: “Ratcliffe and Hague are in the same range for me. Both in that mid-first area. I’d probably take Hague first right now but it’s tight.” - NHL Scout (December 2016)

    Quotable: “I’ve got Hague as a 2nd (rounder) and Ratcliffe in the 20’s. I dropped both players but dropped Hague more than Ratcliffe. - Same NHL Scout as above (May 2017)

    Quotable: “You have him (ranked) too high, but like him a lot too. He closer to the 17-20 range. - NHL Scout (January 2017)

    Quotable: “He was the best player on the ice in the first period (Top Prospects game) and might’ve been the worst the rest of the game.” - NHL Scout (January 2017

    Quotable: “Honestly I thought you lost your mind when I saw how high you had him earlier this year (our HP Ranking) but he’s been really good my past few looks at him. You might not be as dumb as I thought after all.” - NHL Scout (March 2017)

    Quotable: “He wasn’t very good (U18 in Slovakia) He played slow and looked sluggish. I thought he made some questionable decisions too.” NHL Scout (May 2017)

    Quotable: “He wasn’t good (u18 Slovakia) He didn’t skate well.He worked hard but the big ice was not his friend. I didn’t like that he didn’t show much poise or patience with the puck. A lot of those teams just get five guys and protect the middle of the ice. He played like he was programmed(for Guelph). He would get the puck in the corner and nobody would be near him and he would go up to the circle and cycle it back down. You don’t need to cycle it when there is nobody there. He did it quite a few times and I was like what the (bad word rhymes with truck) are you doing?” _ NHL Scout (May 2017)

    Recrutes (30th overall):

    ”More often than not a prospect who is 6-5+ is characterized as being raw in his draft year as he is still working on his coordination and “growing” into his body, and that is certainly the case with the gangly Guelph winger.

    “He needs to grow into that body,” reasoned one scout. “His quickness and agility are not great right now. But he’s so big...I think he’ll be fine. Huge reach, good shot, he competes. For a guy like that with his size and that shot..he came a long way this year. From the beginning of the year to the end there was improvement.”

    That overall improvement is what is most intriguing scouts...who see the skilled winger on an upward improvement curve.

    “He played a little like a deer in the headlights at the start, for maybe the first third of the year,” noted another scout who grew to like his upside after initially being lukewarm on him. “He just had to find some confidence, he held on to the puck a little longer, used his size a little more. He probably didn’t know what to do until he started to figure it out. I like his direction.”

    Scouts are always interested in tall, skinny prospects with good hands and smarts who aren’t afraid to take a hit...the thinking being that if they fill out and find their coordination... the sky is the limit.

    “I think he’ll find a way to be an adequate skater,” added the scout. “Pretty good hands and I think his sense is pretty good but there’s a lot of projection with this guy. I think someone will step up and take him in the first round. Those are the guys you’ve gotta try because there is something there, and if it ever works out you hit a home run.”

    Corey Pronman, ESPN (62th overall):

    ”Ratcliffe drew a lot of attention in the OHL as a towering forward who can score. Some might be hesitant to draft a tall guy without outstanding numbers, thinking, "Oh, there go those scouts again, falling in love with size." Ratcliffe isn't a tree though. He has pretty decent offensive skills for a big man. He can make plenty of scoring chances happen with his puck-protection skills and winning battles around the net, but he can make a creative play with the puck as well. He also has a bullet of a wrist shot. Ratcliffe's skating isn't a selling point, but he's not lumbering around the ice. I don't love his projection, but I wouldn't fault an NHL team at all for taking him.”

    Ratcliffen kohdalla pidän erityisesti siitä, ettei ole fyysisesti vielä kovinkaan valmis tapaus. Pituutta on joo kertynyt, mutta lihasta ja voimaa ei juurikaan vaan on melkoisen hintelä hiihtelijä. Näin ollen ei ole päässyt dominoimaan koollaan siten kuin tuon kokoisena olisi voinut tehdä vaan on päässyt rakentamaan pelaamistaan muiden avujen varaan, mikä on taas ammattilaisuutta ajatellen tärkeää, kun ei enää erottuisi kokonsa osalta yhtä selvästi. Nyt kun tulevina vuosina saavat järkevästi voimaa lisättyä, niin raameja päästään kunnolla ulosmittaamaan, mikä tuo kaverin peliin ihan uusia ulottuvuuksia. Pidän Ratcliffea hyvin todennäköisenä tulevana pitkän uran tekevänä NHL-pelaajana.
  6. Eager Jäsen

    Flyers, Eagles, HPK ja Barça
    80th overallilla valittu venäläinen Kirill Ustimenko (G, 6’3’’, 179 lbs, L) oli Flyersin tilaisuuden ensimmäinen ja ainoa maalivahtivaraus, josta ei kyllä hirveästi omia muistikuvia löydy. Monelle muullekin tuntuu olevan aika tuntumaton suuruus.

    ”Once the notice was out, this Russian goalie became one unheralded player teams are hoping to select before anyone else does. Terrific athlete with great agility and flexibility. Tracks well and never gives up on shots. Very thin and will need to add wieght to anchor him. A sleeper pick if there ever was one. ”
    --Bill Placzek—

    Dallas Stars Schedule, Roster, News, and Rumors | Defending Big D
    ”Ustimenko made a statement at this year’s U18s, getting a surprise start for Russia in the bronze medal game and delivering a 30-save shutout. Has the ideal combination of size and mobility in net, and complements that with impressive composure and advanced rebound control. Posted a .938 save percentage this season in Russia’s top junior league.”

    Kun tuon luin, niin muistin kyseisen U18 prossimatsin, joten kaveria on tullut nähtyä, heh. Sen tarkempia muistikuvia itse tyylistä, vahvuuksista jne. ei ole kuitenkaan jäänyt. Näiden venäläisten kohdalla on kuitenkin mahdollista saada laatua vähän myöhäisemmilläkin vuoroilla jos vain aikanaan Pohjois-Amerikkaan suuntaavat. Jäädään odottamaan.


    Neljännellä kierroksella vuorolla 106 tarttui Matthew Strome (LW, 6’3’’, 201 lbs, L). Jos olisivat napanneet kaverin toisella kierroksella, reaktio olisi ollut aika nihkeä, mutta neljännelle rundille valahdettuaan mielestäni ihan kannattava haku. Veljiensä tavoin kaverin pelaamisessa on hieman liikaa sitä laiskanpulskaa tekemistä puutteellisella puolustuspelaamisella ja heikolla liikkeellä, on luistelijana vieläpä kolmikon selvästi heikoin. Hyökkäyssuuntaan tällä on vahvuutensa, joskaan ei puhuta ihan velipoikien tasosta, muttei mitenkään turhastakaan talentista. Positiivisena puolena on veljeskatraan selvästi fyysisin ja isoa kroppaansa hyödyntävin, mutta tämäkin on olllut melkoista on/off touhua. Välillä vetelee kuin mikäkin voimalaituri ajaen kaikkea mahdollista ja seuraavan kerran kun tätä näin vältteli taas sitä ensimmäistäkin kontaktia ruton lailla. Ota nyt siitä sitten selvää. Kokonaisuutena aika neutaalit fiilikset, kun varaus kuitenkin on top100 ulkopuolelta.

    McKeen’s Hockey (56th overall):

    ”The younger brother of NHLer Ryan Strome and top prospect Dylan Strome, Matthew Strome is, in many ways, a slower version of his older siblings. He has good size, a very impressive shot, and a knack for showing up in the spot where the puck will be in the moment before it gets there. Once the play is established in one of the zones, it almost does not matter which one, he is pretty effective.

    He has strong net front presence in the offensive end and defends aggressively and physically in the defensive end. His biggest problem is the time it takes to get from one end to the other. The simple fact is that he is a poor skater. His first few steps seem to be in neutral, if not in reverse, and his top end speed is also substantially below average. His brothers were also known for having skating as their weak spots, but Matthew has taken that red mark to a new level.

    He can still fashion an NHL career on the strength of his shot and hockey IQ, but the amount of support he will need – and/or the deficit he will have to try to make up to achieve adequate pace – is higher than many ranked in this range. Six or seven years ago, there would have been few pundits questions his birthright as a first rounder. Now, the second round is likely, but by no means a sure thing.”

    Future Considerations (29th overall):

    ”Strome is a big, playmaking winger, who flashes some impressive skills for such a big body. The physically mature power-winger is a very gifted playmaker, setting up his teammates for scoring opportunities with silky passes right on the tape. While not overly creative he gets the puck where it needs to go. He can rely highly on his hockey IQ and his awareness of the game to read the situation correctly and accomplish plays with the puck. Never afraid to go into dirty areas such as the front of the net, Strome is also good around the net, displaying high compete level. He does boast a heavy, heavy shot with a good release.

    Strome used his body and his strength extremely well to protect pucks and is more than able to drive the net hard, using both his size and strength. He can be dangerous on the forecheck due to his long reach, and an absolute bull along the boards. Strome is a hard player to compete with on the walls due to his size, strength and determination.

    He is unmovable and unbeatable along the boards, when he goes to the net looking to create a screen, or when he’s looking for deflections and rebounds. His long reach is another valuable asset that helps Strome pick up free pucks in the corners, or pull it away from opposite players. He tries to be in good position to make defensive plays, make himself available for breakout passes and generally looks strong in his own end.

    Strome’s skating is average. It needs work. He is heavy footed and his slow, chugging strides keep him from being in the play consistently. His skating really inhibits him from getting the jump on his opponents and making those quick offensive plays that would allow him to be more dangerous. It also makes him somewhat ineffective in his defensive zone as he isn’t able to chase down the puck carrier and therefore can’t be as aggressive in his defensive zone, allowing his opponents extended time in his zone.

    We feel better conditioning will help as he looks to get winded pretty quickly. His brothers, Ryan and Dylan, also had skating deficiencies before being drafted and have shown improvement since, but we feel Matthew has the farthest of the three to go for his skating to become NHL worthy.

    Overall Strome’s skating, conditioning and consistency throughout games will need to improve.

    SCOUT’S QUOTE: “Strome was a key contributor for Hamilton this season. Not only did Strome make an impact on the scoreboard but he also showed how dominant of a player he can be in all zones of the game. Strome was a force to be reckoned with due to his size and playmaking skill. Still has some work to do with regards to his feet but has some interesting upside. He could go anywhere from first round to third depending on what NHL teams think of his skating.”

    NHL POTENTIAL: Middle-6 Playmaking Power-winger”

    ISS Hockey (58th overall):

    ”Scouting Report | Matthew is the youngest of the three Strome brothers and while he enters the draft with the least pedigree as a prospect he still offers some unique tools. He has pro size and is already strong on his feet. Uses his size well in net front and offensive battles along the wall. He struggles to use size on the defensive side of the puck with questionable work ethic at time. Not a strong skater with poor starts and stops and lacks speed, likes to wind back on the breakout to generate some power as he enters the offensive end but takes himself out of breakout doing so. Most effective using his size, strength and shot to control offensive play.”

    ISS Scout Greg Hickman:
    “Goal scoring winger with good size. Skating has not improved and lacked any sort of work ethic. Spent most of his shifts coasting and looping around looking for openings. Off the puck work ethic is poor”.

    ISS Scout Phil Myre:
    “Good size winger with good puck skills and scoring ability. Below average speed and quickness. Didn't seepassion or competitiveness in this game”.

  7. Eager Jäsen

    Flyers, Eagles, HPK ja Barça
    Hockey Prospects (76th overall):

    ”Matthew was selected 8th overall by the Hamilton Bulldogs in 2015. He was immediately utilized on the top line for the Bulldogs allowing him to accumulate 38 points as a 16 year old. He continued his place on the first line this season, increasing his stats to 62 points, just under a point per game. He also participated for Canada's Under 18 team twice, once at the Ivan Hlinka, then again at the IIHF World Under 18 Championships.

    Matthew has excellent power forward size. He isn't an overly physical player but he's shown the ability to protect the puck and it’s a developing quality in his game. His best asset would be his shot. He has a high powered shot that has pretty good accuracy. He has good positional awareness in the offensive zone and can get open to utilize that big shot. He generally doesn't handle the puck very long and is at his best when the puck is on and then off his stick. He can get himself into trouble if he tries to do too much. On the rush, if he doesn't have a lane, generally Matthew will dump the puck. However, his lack of skating ability hurts him when trying to play a dump and chase style of game. He can struggle to keep up and disappear when the pace of the game picks up. Defensively he was adequate, but has room for improvement.

    Overall Matthew has NHL level goal scoring potential. His shot is powerful and accurate. He has good smarts and reads plays well. His biggest drawback by far is his skating. He really struggles to get going and we didn't really see much improvements this season. He has a boom or bust feel to him. If he can correct his skating, improve his pace and be a little tougher, he could ultimately become a top six forward at the NHL level. If he doesn't improve his skating, quickness and pace, his scoring ability could get lost in the flow of the game at the pro level.”

    Quotable: “We missed on him in the OHL Draft. We didn’t like his skating at all and had him ranked too low. The skating has been good enough to allow him to be productive in the OHL. I thought early this season that his skating might come along.this year but it hasn’t. In the first half of the season I was liking a lot about him, other than the bad feet. He’s smart and he can score. In the second half, it was more than just the bad feet that bothered me. I thought he was cheating towards offense a bit too much and wasn’t working hard enough. When your skating is as weak as Strome’s is, I think you need to be elite in several other areas. - HP Scout, Mark Edwards

    Quotable: “I could list off quotes from twenty scouts about Strome but 19 would just be saying the same thing. Different ways of talking about bad skating. If the skating was even average most would give him a very large bump up their lists. I don’t think I spoke to one scout who didn’t think Strome was a smart player.” - HP Scout, Mark Edwards

    Quotable:”All the Strome brothers are such smart players but none of them are good skaters and the youngest of the bothers ends up being the weakest of the three.” - NHL Scout (April 2017)

    Recrutes (52th overall):

    ”Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Strome has joined Nicolas Hague and Maxime Comtois as Canadian prospects once thought to be solid top-15 candidates that are expected to drop into the second round, and it’s a good bet that none of them fall further than the Hamilton winger.

    After scoring 29 goals in his first 47 games, Strome had six goals in his last 26 contests, including one goal in seven playoff games. Even more disconcerting was that a prospect who needed to improve his skating speed appeared to get slower as the season went on.”

    “He was by no means fast at the Ivan Hlinka last summer..but he looked a lot quicker than he did at the U-18’s, where he was a turtle,” said one scout who considered Strome to be a top15 lock last autumn. “His feet are poor. You don’t mind everything else, but it’s a terrible stride, ugly to look at.”

    “Will it get better? I have no idea. He’s got good hands and smarts...from the faceoff circle in he can do things when he has the puck, but when he doesn’t have it...forget it.”

    Some scouts wondering about his commitment to conditioning as he appeared to gain weight as the season progressed. “Usually a player will drop a few pounds during the season..and if they don’t it’s because they added some muscle. “That’s not the case with Strome. It will be important for him to show up in decent shape at the Combine.” There are scouts who now vow that they wouldn’t take Strome in the top two rounds, yet for some there is still the wonder on whether he might be able to piece it all together. “I think he’ll go in the 40’s, he’s pretty smart,” said one scout. “If the skating ever comes you’ll have a player.”

    Brock Otten – OHL Prospects:

    ”Strome takes a bit of a tumble in my final rankings, falling outside of my top 10. The reason for that is two fold. I think Strome struggled a bit down the stretch, in the playoffs and at the U18's, and some of the other guys in that range (like Jason Robertson), did a bit more to edge him out. I'm still a believer in his abilities and NHL potential, I just think that he's more of a mid second round pick and not a first rounder. Outside of the fact that his two brothers were high NHL picks (Ryan and Dylan), I think the thing most people talk about with Matthew is his skating. It's not great, but it's definitely improved since he started in the OHL. While his top end speed may not have improved, his overall agility and balance definitely have IMO. If we're comparing Matthew to his brothers, he's sort of a different breed. He has his brothers' elite vision and playmaking ability, but he plays much more of a North/South power game than either Ryan or Dylan do. This is the part of his game which I really want to see continue to develop. He's at his best when he's physically aggressive, throwing his body around in the corners and driving the net with authority. He can be a tough player to stop then because of how soft his hands are and because of how smart he is. He sees the ice exceptionally well. But this disappears from his game at times and it limits his effectiveness because when he's not aggressive and using his size to slow the game down, his deficiencies in the skating department become evident. This is what happened at the U18's IMO, where he looked a touch behind the play on the bigger ice surface. Even if his skating never becomes an asset, he's smart enough, skilled enough, and big enough to make an impact as a complimentary scoring line option (think of a guy like Justin Williams or RJ Umberger).”

    Corey Pronman, ESPN (40th overall):

    ”This is Part III of the Strome trilogy -- Return of the Strome? Revenge of the Strome? -- but scouts generally aren't as big fans of this installment as they were of Dylan Strome and Ryan Strome. Matthew isn't as good a prospect as his older brothers were at the same age, but he's still a noteworthy prospect. He's a little more of a pure goal scorer and less of a playmaker than his brothers, but the latter part of his game is more than competent. He's got above-average stick skills and can make plays to his teammates at a high level. The OHL coaches polled called him the second-smartest player in that league's Eastern Conference. I like his power game a lot, too. He's very strong for a player his age and he uses his big frame well to win pucks and maintain possession. Strome's major issue is his skating. He's very sluggish out of the gates and struggles to put OHL defenders on their heels.”

    Kauhean luottavainen en kaverin NHL-tulevaisuutta kohtaan ole, vaan tältä vaadittaisiin melkoista täyskäännöstä kohti ammattiurheilijan elämää, jonka myötä voisi saada liikettään ja muutakin fysiikkaansa parannettua. Tätä haastateltiin siinä draft-lähetyksen lomassa ja oli kyllä melkoinen pullaposki, jolta löytyy varmasti ylimääräistä löysää kropastaan, mikä pitäisi jatkossa saada jalostettua lihakseksi. Lisäksi nuorimman Stromen pitäisi entistä voimakkaammin siirtyä kovaa duunia paiskivaksi ja riittävän nöyrästi pelaavaksi voimalaituriksi, nykyisen semitaiturin ja selänsuoristelijan sijaan, jollaisena ei tule aurinkoisia päiviä näkemään. Mikäli toivottavia muutoksia sattuisi tapahtumaan, niin sitten nuo vahvuudetkin pääsisivät paremmin esiin ja tästä voisi jotain tullakin, mutta hieman skeptinen pitää olla. Pallo on kuitenkin Stromen nurkassa ja oli top100 ulkopuolelle pudottuaan ehdottomasti katsomisen arvoinen kortti. Toivottavasti tämä neloskierroksella valahtaminen hieman herättelisi, ettei kaikki nyt aivan ilmaiseksi tulekkaan.
  8. Eager Jäsen

    Flyers, Eagles, HPK ja Barça
    Seuravalla vuorolla (#107) Flyers jatkoi OHL-linjaansa napaten valko-venäläisen Maxim Sushkon (RW, 6’0’’, 179 lbs, L). Valko-venäläiseltä näin muutaman pelin, joissa oli mukavan työteliäs ja fyysinen, muttei kiekollisena juuri näkynyt. Rooli oli toki enemmän alempien kenttien polkemista kuin tulosyksikössä heilumista. Asennetta ja työmoraalia kuitenkin löytyy, joka on aina hyvä lähtökohta, samaa kun saisi jostain Stromellekin. Lähtökohtaisesti pidän kaveria duunarihakuna, jonka maksimia ei nelosen laitaa kummemmaksi oikein parane nostaa.

    Hockey Prospects (171th overall):

    ”Maksim was selected in the first round of the 2016 CHL Import Draft by the Owen Sound Attack. He was taken out of the Shakhter Soligorsk of the Belarus 2nd mens league producing well over a point per game. He joined the Attack and primarily played between the second and third lines producing very well at the OHL level.

    Maksim is a highly competitive forward with a good shot for the Owen Sound Attack. He has average size but he has good strength and gets a lot of power out of his physical game. He will also take the hit in order to make the play for his team. Offensively Maksim showed good tools-he has a powerful shot. He has a bit of a shoot first mentality, but also displayed a willingness to set up his linemates and has the passing ability and the vision to create chances. He protects the puck well and shows the patience to make the play. He works hard in all three zones but was particularly strong on the fore-check putting pressure on opponents and finishing his checks.

    Maksim has interesting upside moving forward. He didn't get as much of an opportunity to show what he could do with several forwards ahead of him. He should get more offensive opportunities next season and could have a big year having already adjusted to the smaller ice. Maksim has a legitimate shot at being selected at the 2017 NHL Draft and has an intriguing mix of compete and skill that should make him an interesting prospect moving forward.”

    Quotable: if the draft was the day after my first viewing of him I may have taken him in the 2nd round. I liked him less after that first game.” - NHL Scout (April 2017)

    Quotable: “I liked him a lot earlier this year but I’m starting to think he’s too much of a perimeter guy.” - NHL Scout (April 2017)

    Brock Otten – OHL Prospects:

    ”Sushko is a really interesting prospect available this year. As a native to Belarus, he came to the OHL as a relative unknown, but ended up having a pretty good season for the Attack. He's only average sized, but I was consistently impressed by Sushko's ability and desire to drive the net. Has good puck skill too and can make defenders miss one on one. Overall, he's a pretty good two-way player too. Has good effort on the backcheck and was a good penalty killer this year, using his speed and energy to be disruptive. Considering he played a depth role for the majority of the year, Sushko's stat line was pretty impressive, especially in the playoffs. Even still, I don't know if I have a good read on him as an NHL prospect. Does he have top 6 potential? Is his game suited for a checking line role at the next level? He has a lot of interesting qualities to him as a player, but I don't know where I would draft him or what to make of his future. Is there an NHL team out there with a more concrete opinion of him?”


    Viidennellä kierroksella vuorolla 137 Flyers valitsi Noah Catesin (LW, 6’1’’, 170 lbs, L), joka pelasi tilastojen valossa aika dominoivasti Minnesotan alueen High School sarjassa. Hypännee ensi kaudeksi USHL:ään, jonka jälkeen syksyllä 2018 kutsuisi Minnesota-Duluthin yliopisto. Yhtäkään peliä en ole Catesilta nähnyt ja sarjan tasosta johtuen ei tilastojakaan pidä tulkita liian tiukasti.

    Future Considerations (149th overall):

    ”Cates is a strong playmaking winger who has that ‘’first pass shoot later’’ mentality. He is a smooth skater with decent footspeed and good power in his strides, giving him enough speed to beat defenders to the outside but agile enough to evade defenders side-to-side. Cates has great puck control and smooth hands as well, displaying good patience with and vision when carrying the puck along the wall. He is strong on his skates and hard to knock off from the puck. Being creative with the puck, he always finds a way to create that passing lane, and is able to count on terrific peripheral vision and soft hands to thread the needle. He recognises scoring chances in the blink of an eye and when his teammates are in good position to get the puck for a scoring chance. He is always looking to create offensively, but will also take the simple dump in if that is what is available. Cates is a decent defensive player, showing good backchecking efforts from the wing and positioning himself well to cut off passing lanes entering his defensive zone. Cates plays hard on the puck and never gives up on a play in the defensive zone, showing a willingness to compete. Cates has good upside as a potential middle-six forward at the next level.”

    Hockey Prospects (68th overall):

    ”Noah Cates spent his fall playing in the Minnesota Elite League for Team Northwest, winter for Stillwater High School (MN-HS) before finishing up the season with 11 games with Omaha (USHL). He was equally impressive playing in all leagues. Cates showed great progression in MN high School where he drove much of the offense for his Stillwater Squad. He acclimated himself well in his final 11 games with Omaha, where he registered 2 goals and 5 assists and provided a bit of a boost to a depleted and struggling Omaha team.

    Cates is a speedy winger with great explosiveness, who can cut through defenders and will take pucks to the net. If a defender gets a little bit flat footed or out of position, Cates will take advantage. He has fantastic puck skills and hands, most famously displayed last season in scoring the game winning goal in overtime over Hill Murray to send his team to the Minnesota State Tournament. Cates shows good vision on the rush with the puck but could stand to develop a little poise and patience in the offensive zone. While his shot is not at an elite level right now in terms of velocity, it comes off his tape quickly and is accurate. As impressive as his hands and skating ability are, it might be his compete level and work ethic that set him apart from some of the other High School prospects in this draft. Cates was never the biggest player growing up but he learned to compete all over the ice and wins a lot of puck battles with 2nd and 3rd effort because of it. Cates has since grown close to 5 inches in the last two years and once he fills out his frame and learns to use his body and positioning, his combination of size and craftiness will make him even more of a handful for defenders. Cates is a smart player who understands the strengths in his game as well as area’s where he needs to improve. He can be a little too offensively minded at times and has lapses where he doesn’t skate back into the play as hard as he could in hopes for an outlet finding him in the neutral zone. As skilled as Cates is, he is still raw and projects as a longer-term prospect for any team that drafts him. Cates will be back with Omaha (USHL) full time next season and then off to Minnesota Duluth (NCAA) in 18/19.”

    Quotable: “Exciting player to watch when he’s entering the offensive zone with the puck, I get the sense that he has a plan and knows what he’s doing” - HP Scout, Dusten Braaksma

    Quotable: “He impressed me enough in my first viewing that I wanted to see more. I saw signs of a smart player in my first viewing but wasn’t sure. After a few more games, I was comfortable with his decision making. There are shifts where he shows how raw he is and others where I see big upside without a ton of risk.” – HP Scout, Mark Edwards

    Quotable: “Very competitive...skill is good. I think he plays the game the right way., a solid mid-rounder.” - NHL Scout (May 2017)

    Puhtaasti luetun perusteella Cates kuulostaa ihan mielenkiintoiselta tapaukselta. Taitoa, pelikäsitystä ja liikettä ei voi varata liikaa. Ensi kaudella pitää katsella Catesilta muutama matsi USHL:ssä, jotta saisi vähän paremman kuvan.
  9. Eager Jäsen

    Flyers, Eagles, HPK ja Barça
    Kuudennella kierroksella numerolla 168 Flyers nappasi pienikokoisen ruotsalaissentterin Olle Lycksellin (C, 5’10’’, 163 lbs, L), joka ei kyllä soita kelloja sitäkään vähää. On ilmeisesti pienikokoinen taitosentteri koulupojan fysiikalla. Näyttäisi pelanneen kautensa Linköpingin J20 ja J18 joukkueissa. J18 puolella tykitti kovia tehoja, siinä missä J20 riveissä oli hiljaisempaa. Kaverilla olisi matkaa vielä SHL-tasollekin, NHL:stä puhumatta, mutta mistä näistä tietää. Vähän outo haku, jonka varaamista tuskin moni odotti, mutta näistä voi löytyä niitä todellisia helmiäkin. Fysiikan kehittäminen lienee se ensimmäinen asia, jotta voisi kyetä pelaamaan juniorisarjoja kovemmissakin liigoissa.


    Seitsemännellä kierroksella varasivat vielä parikymppisen puolustajan Wyatt Kalynukin (D, 6’1’’, 174 lbs, L, -97), joka tuntui vähän turhalta varaukselta. Kalynukin pelejä tuli nähtyä, eikä nyt mitenkään heikosti suorittanut, mutta pari kymppiseltä odottaisi hieman dominoivampia otteita USHL:ssä. Kaverilla on kelpo liike, perusvarmaa kiekollista suorittamista (high end kyvyt puuttuvat) sekä sopivan särmikästä fyysistä peliä, mutta ei oikein mitään mistä innostuisi. Tästä tuli vähän fiilis, ettei listalla ollut jäljellä enää mitään järkevää ja päättivät vain napata yhden puolustajan. NCAA-routen kanssa näitä pystyy rauhassa tarkkailemaan. Aloittaa syksyllä Wisconsin yliopistossa.

    Toisen seiskakierroksen vuoron kauppasivat Montrealille vaihdossa ensi kesän seiskakiekkaan.


    Patrick nyt on selvä tapaus, jonka varaan voidaan toivon mukaan rakentaa koko 2020-luvun ajan.

    Frostilla ja Ratcliffellä on vielä työtä tehtävänä, jotta NHL:ssä pelaisivat, mutta molemmista on itsellä varsin tervepäinen ja työteliäs kuva, joten uskon vahvasti, että onnistuvat talenttiensa lunastamisessa, jolloin Flyersilla olisi tästä draftista kolme top9 tason hyökkääjää, mitä voi pitää jo loistavana saldona. Pidän tätä myös täysin realistisena skenaariona.

    Muista Ustimenko on melkoinen jokeri, josta ei pysty sanomaan sitäkään vähää. Stromen kohdalla pitää toivoa muutosten tuulia, mutta turhan kovia odotuksia en tälle asettaisi. Potentiaalia NHL-tason taitavaksi voimalaituriksi kuitenkin on, mutta tämä vaatisi paljon enemmän, mihin on ollut toistaiseksi valmis. Koko veljeskatras tuntuisi olevan sen matalamman aidan metsästäjiä, joten…

    Sushko on aika puhdas duunarihaku, jonka kiekollisen pelin ja tehojen toivovat varmaankin ottavan parin edessä olevan juniorivuoden aikana harppauksia.

    Viimeinen kolmikko (Cates, Lycksell ja Kalynuk) ovat enemmän tai vähemmän pitkän kaavan toivotaan osastoa. Cates on näistä kiinnostavin, mutta HS pohjalta on pitkä matka ammattilaiseksi.
  10. Eager Jäsen

    Flyers, Eagles, HPK ja Barça
    Nyt kun saivat draftin altapois, niin Hexy voikin keskittyä Wealin sopimuksen viimeistelyyn. Toivottavasti yhteisymmärrys löytyy ennen heinäkuuta.

    Maalivahtikin olisi selvästi haussa, joskin tämän kanssa ei ole aivan yhtä kova kiire.

    Muutoinhan heinäkuun alku tulee olemaan Flyersin osalta hiljainen ja parempi näin.
  11. ~KarKaus~ Jäsen

    Philadelphia Flyers
    Stromea haastateltiin siinä draft-lähetyksen lomassa ja oli kyllä melkoinen pullaposki, jolta löytyy varmasti ylimääräistä löysää kropastaan.
    Tästä innostuin!! Meillä on siis oma Phil Kessel. ;)
  12. Breathe Jäsen

    Philadelphia Flyers & Eric Lindros 88 & Kanada
    Valitettavasti Strome on vain 10 x kertaa hitaampi luistelija kuin Kessel. Taitaa olla sukuvika tuo luistelunopeus. :/

    Vielä maalivahti hankittavana tälle kesää. Realistisia vaihtoehtoja ei ole enää montaa tarjolla ilman että lähdetään kaupoille: Bernier & Mason. Näistä ottaisin Masonin mutta näyttäisi olevan eripuraa organisaation kanssa joten saa nähdä onko jatkamassa. Bernier ei henk.koht vakuuta ykkösenä eikä siellä muutenkaan mitään houkuttelevia vaihtoehtoja tarjolla ole (pl. Miller mutta ei vaimonsa takia tuskin ole lähdössä länsirannikolta.).
    Viimeksi muokattu: 25.06.2017 klo 14.58
  13. Eager Jäsen

    Flyers, Eagles, HPK ja Barça
    Dave Isaac‏@davegisaac
    Alex Lyon has received a QO from Flyers. Plan was for Roman Lyubimov to get one too. Not sure about others, but would think all would get QO

    Odotusten mukaan menisi tämäkin.


    Weal olisi näillä näkymin testaamassa markkinat tai ainakin selvittää mitä muualla maksetaan. Jos raha on ratkaiseva asia, niin eiköhän muualta löydy parempia tarjouksia. Voihan tuo Flyersinkin kanssa jatkon vielä vääntää, mutta uskoisin tämän jo tapahtuneen jos on tullakseen. Flyersin ei kuitenkaan kannata mitään överiä tarjota kun alla on vain neljäsosa kauden näytöt ja prospectpoolissa hyvin syvyyttä. Joutuvat tulevina vuosina vääntämään monta tärkeämpääkin lappua, joten ei passaa antaa heti alkuun huonoa verrokkia muille. Ikävä juttu, mutta minkäs teet.


    Stars olisi puolestaan ostamassa Antti Nimen loput vuodet ulos, joten tuossa olisi taas yksi nimi lisää tähän veskaripeliin.


    Louis Robitaille‏@LouisRobitaille
    Congrats to Ivan Kosorenkov for his try-out invitation with the @NHLFlyers. Well deserve. #2017NHLDraft #Flyers #LHJMQ @TigresVicto

    Pascal Labergen joukkuekaveria tuli nähtyä kauden aikana hyvät määrät. On aika perinteinen venäläinen. Paljon taitoa ja näyttävyyttä, joka ei kuitenkaan näy samalla mitalla tehoissa. Kiekotonkin pelaaminen on vielä kovasti työn alla, mutta tällä saralla tuntui ihan halukkaalta oppimaan ja kehittämään itseään, jonka myötä ottikin harppauksia eteenpäin. Ohitti jo toistamiseen draftin, mutta ainahan näitä voi leireillä katsastaa ja pojalla on vahvuutensa. On siis mukana heinäkuun prospect campillä.
  14. Caney Jäsen

    HIFK, Philadelphia Flyers, Liverpool FC
    Hyvä drafti jälleen Hexyltä ja kumppaneilta. Jenkkilän fanit eivät oikein tunnu diggaavan tuosta Schennin treidaamisesta, vaikka kauden aikana sitä kitinää kaverin 5v5-tehottomuudesta ja fleguilusta sai lukea syksystä kevääseen asti. Kyllä, menetettiin pian prime-iässä oleva 50p hyökkääjä, mutta saatiin takaisinpäin NHL-tason sentteri sekä nuo varausvuorot, joita kyseiset arvostelijat ei tunnu arvostavan pätkän vertaa, mikä ei oikein valkene minulle. Perinteistä Phillyn kannattajakulttuuria; kitistään ensin miten jengi on paskaa kun ei edes poffeihin päästä, ja naristaan kun tehdään muutoksia. Right.

    Multa on jotenkin mennyt täysin ohi tuo Masonin kuvio - eli mitä ihmettä siellä ollaan sekoiltu? Vai onko tästä keissistä valunut mitään yksityiskohtia ulos? Olen käsittänyt sen niin, että Mason halunnut jatkaa, mutta palkkatoiveet enemmän kuin mitä Philly valmis maksamaan ja täten jatkaa uraansa muualla? On se nyt jumalauta jos ei tuon tason veskaa haluta pitää jengissä, jossa ei varsinaisia maalivahteja ole valmiina edes nousemassa ykkösen tontille a'la Murray Pensissä nyt (joka tosin on ollut jo pari kautta "ihan kova"). Masonin edellinen lappu oli caphitiltään neljä miljoonaa (vai 4.5?) ja en kyllä jotenkin usko että viime kauden jälkeen olisi vaatinut tuon suurempia summia jatkosopparilta. 3v lappua tarjoamaan 3-4 millin caphitillä ja that's it. Pakkohan siellä tolppien välissä jonkun on seistävä, ja se yleensä maksaa rahaa.

    Tajuaakohan ne siellä toimistolla, että Phillyn puolustus on heikentynyt merkittävästi tässä parin kauden aikana - aikana, jolloin Mase on kantanut jengiä parhaimmillaan poffitaistoon asti pelaamalla huikeita iltoja juuri silloin kun niitä pinnoja on kaivattu. Vai kumoaako tämä heikko viime kausi nuo edelliset Masen hyvät kaudet, ja siellä tarjottiin jotain millin jatkoa? Mä en ymmärrä, mutta eipä ole ainut asia tämän organisaation suhteen. Vituttaa vaan jos sieltä joku patu-iässä oleva Antti Niemi roudataan parin millin lapulla sisään, joka ei ole kyllä mikään ratkaisu sekään tähän "mv-ongelmaan".

    Anteeksi avautuminen, mutta turhauttaa tämä odottelu. Onneks kohta on heinäkuu!

    PS. Maistuisikohan Hexylle Shattenkirk tai edes Alzner? Shattenkirk nyt on Ragsiin ollut menossa viimeiset pari vuotta, mutta kyllä Alznerin tasoinen pakki kelpaisi mun Flyersin TOP4-puolustukseen. Kaverin markkinahinta lienee vaan lähemmäs 6v/6m näillä kuivan kesän oravan markkinoilla, mutta en pistäisi pahakseni jos olisivat jotain penamaista diiliä tarjoamassakin, kunhan nyt ei ihan lähtisi käsistä.
    Viimeksi muokattu: 27.06.2017 klo 02.40
  15. JTX Jäsen

    Flyers, HPK
    BSH-radiossa höpöttivät, että Jeff Marekin mukaan Minnesota yritti, ilmeisen aktiivisesti, päästä ykköskierrokselle varatakseen Morgan Frostin. Aika moni odotti Flyersin 27. vuorolla kuulevansa Tolvasen nimen.
  16. Eager Jäsen

    Flyers, Eagles, HPK ja Barça
    Vähän kaksipiippuinen juttu. Joukkuehan voisi olla yhden tasokkaan ja riittävän kokeneen top4 veteraanipakin lisäyksellä heti yllättävänkin iskukykyinen ja näin saataisiin näistä tulokassoppareistakin ilo irti, mutta samalla taas tässä vaiheessa ei missään nimessä pidä sitoa käsiä mihinkään UFA-markkinoiden pitkiin mammuttipahveihin. Provorov, Konecny ja Sanheim ovat RFA:ta kesällä 2019, Patrick ja Lindblom 2020 jne. Rahaa tulee palamaan, joten pelivaraa olisi myös oltava. Vaikkapa Lehterän sopimus oli otettavissa kun päättyy ennen tuota.


    Mark Alt teki näemmä vuoden jatkon, joten tuossa on taas yksi palanen lisää ensi kauden Phantomseja.


    Masonin kohdalla olen ymmärtänyt, että siellä on haussa vain enemmän vuosia ja rahaa mitä Flyers on ollut vuorostaan halukas tarjoamaan. Ei sen kummempaa. Itsellenikin kelpaisi edelleen Mase parin-kolmen kauden jatkolla, mutta eiköhän joku Buffalo tai Winnipeg pysty parempaan,.. Täytyy nyt toivoa, että joku näistä nuorista lunastaa odotukset ja varsin pian, sen verran selvästi Hexy näiden varaan tuntuisi rakentavan. Eiköhän sieltä joku Andy Niemi, Jonathan Bernier tai vastaava löydy siksi aikaa Neuvirthin kaveriksi, mikä samalla varmistanee sen, ettei pudotuspelipaikkaa kummemmasta rypistyksestä tarvitse kauteen-pariin haaveilla.
  17. Kipa84 Jäsen

    TPS, Philadelphia Flyers
    Twitterissä vahvistetaan Masonin pelaavan ensi kaudella muualla kuin Phillyssä. Kuten monet muutkin täällä niin mielelläni olisin kaverin Phillyn nutussa jatkossakin nähnyt mutta olihan tämä lähtö suht varmaa jo aiemmin.

    Kukapa sinne tolppien väliin sitten hankitaan? Niemelle en itse lämpiä mutta tasokkaita kassareita ei hirveästi ole tarjolla. Brian Elliot on kaiketi jossain keskusteluissa ollut mukana mutta en tiedä onko tässä mitään sen suurempaa taustalla.
  18. Lord Nikon Jäsen

    Scott Hartnell ostettu ulos.

    Phillyn neloseen ja yyveelle?
  19. JTX Jäsen

    Flyers, HPK
    Elliot tai Bernier. Molemmat kelpaa, ihan sama oikeastaan.
    EDIT: Ja Elliothan sieltä sitten tuli. 2.75AAV ja 3vuotta.

    Hartnell oli mun suosikkipelaaja Phillyssä. Nyt on bottom6:ssa ruuhkaa ja vaikea muutenkaan kuvitella Hextallin palkkaavan pelaajaa, jonka osti ulos. Toivotetaan Scottille hyvät jatkot jossain läntisen konferenssin jengissä.
    Viimeksi muokattu: 30.06.2017 klo 01.52
  20. Jarvis Jäsen

    Flyers ( JYP, ajalta ennen Liigan vesittämistä)
  21. Hyttynen Jäsen

    Philadelphia Flyers
    Capfriendlyn mukaan Wealin caphit on ihan kelvollinen 1 750 000 dollaria. Vähän pelkäsin, että muiden joukkueiden intoilu vetää hinnan kahden miljoonan yläpuolelle, mutta ei onneksi kovin korkeaksi kuitenkaan.

    Mistäs tällainen tieto löytyi?

    edit: jaa, onhan tuo tosiaan ainakin Andy Stricklandin twitterissa. Ehkä tuokin menettelisi harttien ja sandströmien saapumista odotellessa.
    Viimeksi muokattu: 30.06.2017 klo 08.07
  22. Ollakseni Jäsen

    Detroit Red Wings
    Eihän Hextall ostanut Hartnellia ulos? Kauppasi vain Columbukseen ja takaisin tuli Umberger.
  23. JTX Jäsen

    Flyers, HPK
    Joo. En ollut ihan parhaassa terässä tota kirjoittaessa, jos tiedät mitä tarkoitan :) Elliotin sopimustietokin taisi vielä olla nuolaisemista ennen kuin tipahtaa.
  24. Giroux Jäsen

    Jokerit, Flyers, Eeli Tolvanen
    Elliottiin voi olla ihan tyytyväinen, jos tulee. Vaikkakin osa Flyers-faneista tuntuukin vetävän ranteita auki (ei tällä palstalla vaan muualla) tämän johdosta, mutta eipä siellä hirveästi muita potentiaalisia ykköskassareita ole vapaana. Miller on ilmeisesti jatkamassa Canucksissa(?) ja muut ovat sitten tasoa arpa. Mielestäni turhaa ottaa riskiä tässä vaiheessa ja lähteä kaksikolla Neuvirth-Stolarz kauteen, varsinkin kun Neuvirthista tiedetään, ettei pysty montaa hyvää peräkkäistä peliä pelaamaan ja Stolarz on täysin katsomaton kortti vielä. Wealin sopparille myös peukku. Energinen väkkärä, joka tuo mukavasti kilpailua kokoonpanoon.

    Kaiken kaikkiaan saa olla nykyään aika levollisin mielin, kun Homerin Hullut Päivät ovat jääneet taakse ja Hextallilla tuntuu jopa olevan selkeä suunnitelma siihen, mihin organisaatio on menossa ja minkälaisia pelaajia yritetään haalia. Vaikka Pensiä vihaankin seurana, niin pelaavat tällä hetkellä täydellistä lätkää ja sellaista haluaisin nähdä joskus Flyersiltakin - tosin ripauksella enemmän fyysisyyttä.
  25. ~KarKaus~ Jäsen

    Philadelphia Flyers
    Elikkäs Elliot ei ilmeisesti ollut kuin vahva huhu. 3v ja 2.7milj/ vuosi olis kyllä aika sopiva tähän kohtaan. Sit vaan pitäs tarttua kumi hanskaan niin ei pöllömpi soppari.
    Williams huhut sais meikäläisen puolesta unohtaa. Jos ensi kaudella taisteltais mestaruudesta niin sit olis hyvä palanen rosteriin mutta ei tässä tilanteessa kyllä mtn järkeä. Jengihän on siinä kuosissa että se mokke vaan enää tarvitaan. Sit vaan odotellaan et päästään lokakuussa ihailemaan nuorekasta, raikasta, hyvin liikkuvaa ja taistelevaa Flyersia. Ai että